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Halloween Photo Challenge 2014 - Day 12: Masquerade


Starring: Karma


Someone is a fan of Hello Kitty ;p that Patrick charm is fricken awesome!

xDD Isn’t it though?! This is why I wish new generation phones had a hole for charms :(

Take pictures of your phone charm collection! :D

XD Lol per nonny request. It’s been a while and I had way more back in high school but I either lost them or they broke so I turned them into keychain charms. I used to attach as many charms to my phone as  possible so that they jingled about lmao. And I have… mostly Hello Kitty thanks to my long distance bestie in Canada. We mail each other cute trinkets and charms and the woman is obsessed with Hello Kitty.


AF_Geisha_Genesis by GeishaSims



IT HAS AN UNDERCUT!!! I need a braided retexture of this omg! 

I wish there were more earrings for babies and toddlers in TS3 ._.

I was going to do a thing but meh can’t find any that look normal.

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"Why don’t you put all of your food on one plate instead of the little bowls and saucers?"








Wet food should not mix with the dry food and the juices of two different dishes mixing together and making a new completely different tasting juice is EVIL! 


When I see it all together I just

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Maybe it was, I dunno. The ones I saw was the one with your daughter (?) and another one looked like a buffet of sorts! They were so beautifully taken!

I’m not sure what photoset you’re talking about but they weren’t mine. It could possibly have been a reblog from a long time ago though :)

Hey are you a photographer or studying to be one? because some of those picture you took are on a professional level! they're really good!

I was in school studying Art but not specifically photography. What pictures are you talking about nonny? Maybe it was a reblog?


A couch potato…

Lol This is what happens when I get bored.

Bringing this back XD

I just realized that most newer generation phones don’t have the little hole to allow for phone charms….sad…I have a lot of them :( These ear plug charm things are a replacement but its not the same.


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