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So I’m curious :o How are you all liking the actual gameplay features of The Sims 4?

A lot of you seem to love the scenery but how is gameplay for you all?

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I really want some Tikka Masala….or something spicey..maybe some Creole style Gumbo

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How bored am I? ♥ Very


Lucifer Pakiv




LOL XD make up sex?!! Omg

We aren't your children and nobody cares that you don't want to play, get over yourself you self righteous fuck

I didn’t know that meant I was being self righteous. Lmao if you feel that way about me caring that you are happy then why are you following me?? 


Lol Even though I myself am not excited, it’s entertaining to see others so excited. It’s like watching your children waiting to open their presents on Christmas.

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But why is it so funny


that kosmokhaos was literally talking about incompatibility like last week. OMG. I’m dying. As soon as I heard that I’m like Kosmo can see the futureeeee XD

LMAO XD My sister and neptunesims said the same thing!



Hi all -

This is a heads up that there are reports coming in indicating that ALL recolors created for The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim Demo do NOT work in the full game. Please be sure to remove all mods before loading up your game for the first time. Reports are that the mods don’t cause the game to crash, they just won’t actually work.

Creators, anything you’ve posted will need to be recreated once the community has had a chance to test and release new tools. Please remove current download links and warn your users.

Thanks for your patience - let’s make the Sims 4 rock together!

<3 helaene

Now I’m glad I didn’t release or download a ton of Sims 4 stuff already - it’s always good to be cautious! I do hope that the tools will be adapted soon.
Edit: Seems like Grant already posted an updated version of ColorMagic!

For my Followers getting TS4