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Obsidian Kosmos
Won't look down, won't open my eyes
hey kosmo! do you know a safe site i can torrent the sims 3 (medieval specifically)? thanks!!

D: I’m sorry I have no idea. I bought a hard copy Ts3 medieval….I don’t play it but I have it lol.


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Luv ittt

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I love the colors! *-*

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Im bringin booty baaaaaaaaaackk

I lurve you lovlies! ♥ ♥ ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) 

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Omg Kosmos!! That hair, I want it <33

♥ It’s Here if you wants it.

"All About that Bass, No Treble."

Your sims are really perfect, I wish mine could be as good looking as you. ♥

Awe thank you :3 I’m sure with practice over time you can get your sims to look exactly how you want them :D


There is s version without it: plumblobs.tumblr.com/po…


I like the new darko hair but something about that little bit by the ear is just weird to me. o__o

Idk just looks like too much hair there but I shall slap it on one of my simmies. Time to go in-game.

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"Doing it better than your man since 1990"

- Emichelle Bey

- Eileithyia Cole

B/c the pale are people too? lol

O_o Wah?